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EasyQuitSystem | Effective Ways To Quit Smoking EasyQuitSystem.com was developed by Pete Howells, an ex-smoker for 20 years who had always found it impossible to find effective ways to quit smoking until he experienced the system given by his therapist. He has since decided to developed the solution and market it on the internet.

Some facts about the ill effects of smoking:

1. According to the CDC, around 438,000 premature deaths are attributed to either smoking or second hand smoke every year.
2. You have a 22% higher chance of lung cancer than non-smokers if you are a male and 12% higher chance if you are a female.
3. Pregnant mothers who smoke will not only affect their own health but the health of their infants as well. There will be increased risks of:
- Possible complication in the pregnancy
- Possible premature birth
- Even low-birth weight

Apart of the harm smoking can bring which serves as a motive for quitting, smokers also need the means and opportunity to succeed in quitting. The EasyQuitSystem comprises of an e-book of about 100 pages that details effective ways to quit smoking by tackling the aspects of motive, means and opportunity. It promises that most smokers, upon using the system, will stop smoking without having to use any willpower or additional effort.

Apart from being unable to find truly effective ways to quit smoking previously, the author describes himself as a lazy man who was also unwilling to make an effort to quitting. He declares that EasyQuitSystem is a "lazy man's way to stop smoking".

The system was developed based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, not Hypnotism or nicotine replacement therapy which does not remove the root of the problem as with so many other systems available online.

Many have benefited from this system and you can too. Take a look at EasyQuitSystem on effective ways to quit smoking and say goodbye to cigarettes.

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