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Anime fans like you and me sometimes spend hours online looking for a good source of anime episodes download such as Bleach and Naruto. However, there are many scam sites online that preys on unsuspecting fans by promising free downloads if only they will click on some advertising banners. Most of the time, these users never got what they were promised and were taken on a ride. There are also those torrent sites that are filled with fake anime episodes download or worse, files infected with spywares and viruses.

So what choices do anime fans have? Is there truly a place where we can download quality animes like Naruto full episodes as they are released safely and not having to go around sourcing for anime episodes download online? Is there a more affordable solution do to so?

Here, we look at 3 anime download sites that offer one-stop service to fans for all their anime needs. All these sites feature thousands of anime series, movies, OST and manga for download, all with relatively low fees. Most of them only charge a one-time fee for lifetime membership.





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DownloadAnimeVideos has been around for quite some time as compared to AllAnimeDownloads and Aniload. It is therefore in the advantage when it comes to knowing customers’ needs and providing quality service. One interesting aspect of DownloadAnimeVideos is that it provides anime episodes download such as Bleach episodes - English dubbed for mobile devices like iPod, Zune, PSP, iPhone and many others. This is a very significant plus point if you are holding onto any mobile entertainment gadgets that plays video. Though not comprehensive, DownloadAnimeVideos does provide the largest pool of drama serial (non-anime) downloads among the 3.

AllAnimeDownloads is pretty much on par with DownloadAnimeVideos, even the membership fee is the same. However, since it is still relatively new, it remains to be seen whether it can match up to DownloadAnimeVideos in terms of customer satisfaction.

Aniload offers free download for one anime series. It is not known whether they will eventually rotate the download. At the time of writing, it provides free downloads for Whistle, a soccer anime series. In spite of that, it loses out to DownloadAnimeVideos and AllAnimeDownloads by not providing OST and games download. It also charges a recurring monthly fee of $9.95 as compared to one-time fees for DownloadAnimeVideos and AllAnimeDownloads for lifetime membership.

Our verdict: DownloadAnimeVideos stand outs as the best download portal for anime fans in our opinion due to the following factors:

  1. It offers anime episodes download for mobile devices.
  2. It supports download accelerator.
  3. It provides 56 days money back guarantee.
  4. At the time of writing, DownloadAnimeVideos charges a one-time membership fee of $37 which is a limited time offer. It is much cheaper than the membership of AllAnimeDownloads. It is equivalent to less than 4 months subscription to Aniload and the membership is lifetime.





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Access all the Naruto full episodes as well as Bleach episodes - English dubbed at DownloadAnimeVideos.

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